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My Limited Series Podcast: Your Online Business Operations Playbook

Mar 26, 2024

If you’ve spent any time around my site, you might know that business operations is a big deal to me. It’s one of my favorite topics because I know how powerful it can be for small business owners.

But one of the challenges with business operations is that not many people know what it is. And it can be hard to find reliable information. Most entrepreneurs don’t have the time, money, or desire to go to business school. And many of the free resources out there aren’t very useful.

I wanted to make business operations accessible (and, dare I say, fun) for small business owners. That’s why I created a limited-series podcast dedicated to this very topic. I just wrapped up Season 1, which means that all five episodes are available now. Each one is short and sweet but packed with reliable advice and simple, effective tips.

If you missed the opportunity to sign up for the podcast earlier, don’t worry. You can join the list for this private podcast right now (for free) and get every episode right away. 

Wondering what you’ll hear? Read on.

Operations Podcast Episode #1: What IS Business Operations?

This episode is essentially a complete overview of Business Operations 101. But don’t worry about having to trudge through lots of complicated jargon or business theory. This version of Business Ops 101 is easy to understand and filled with tips you can use right away in your business. 

Here’s what’s covered:

  • A clear explanation of what business operations is and isn’t
  • Why this aspect of business is so crucial
  • How operations is different from project management and client relationship management

If you’ve ever wondered what “business operations” really means, this is the episode for you.

Operations Podcast Episode #2: Why Do You Need to Prioritize Business Operations?

Next up, I’m telling you exactly why business operations matters so much. Is it really that important for your business?

Yes — and this episode has all the reasons why:

  • The benefits of operations
  • How your business can improve when you focus on operations
  • All the ways operations supports you, your team, and your clients

Episode 1 highlighted the importance of business operations as a concept, and this episode will show you exactly what you can gain by prioritizing it in your business.

Operations Podcast Episode #3: When Everything in Your Business Feels Like It’s on Fire: Prioritizing Operations Updates

You’ve decided you want to update your business operations — but where do you start? It’s especially hard to figure out if you’re barely managing to hold everything together as it is. 

Episode 3 has answers:

  • What you can do when it feels like nothing’s working in your business
  • How updating your operations can help things get better
  • How to decide which aspects of operations to address first

Make sure to bookmark this episode to return to whenever you feel ready to throw in the towel on your business.

Operations Podcast Episode #4: Marketing & Business Operations

How does operations impact marketing, and vice versa? That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How operations and marketing are different
  • How marketing and operations intersect and impact each other in your business
  • How you can leverage operations to help with marketing

These two sides of your business should work together — marketing attracts clients, and operations helps you keep them. Listen to this episode to learn how to make that happen in your business.

Operations Podcast Episode #5: Operations to Scale Your Business

Improving the operations in your business isn’t just about making things run more smoothly now. It’s also the key to growing your business, and the final episode of Season 1 shows you how:

  • Why operations is crucial to scaling your business
  • All the things to consider as you prepare to grow your business
  • Choosing which aspects of operations to improve as you scale
  • Avoiding the common mistakes many entrepreneurs make

This episode ties everything together and gives you the foundation you need to take your business to the next level. 

Learn the essentials of business operations now

I enjoyed creating this podcast so much, and I’ve been thrilled to hear how much people are learning from it. If you missed the initial chance to join this limited-run podcast (or you just weren’t sure it was right for you), now’s your chance to get access to every episode.

All you need to do is join the list — it’s completely free. You’ll get every episode of Season 1 right away, and you’ll be all set to receive weekly episodes when Season 2 starts.

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