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As a business owner or entrepreneur, you are likely a visionary. Someone who loves coming up with new ideas and bringing new creations to life. This is what makes you a great business owner, but it can also be what stops you from ever moving the needle forward.

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How to Prioritize Your Next Project

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When I mention working from home to someone who has always done the traditional 9-to-5, they immediately picture sleeping in every day, skipping out to the beach, having a spotless house, and/or never leaving their pajamas. The flexibility of working from home sounds like nirvana — especially to introverts who crave solitary confinement during the workday — but successfully doing […]

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General Business

My 5 Secrets to Staying Sane (While Working From Home)

Discover the real reason why you feel so overwhelmed in your business with my free workbook.

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