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The great thing about entrepreneurs? We’re never short on ideas.  The hardest part about being an entrepreneur? Having to follow through on all those ideas. One of the things I think most entrepreneurs and online business owners overlook in their drive to do more/be better/grow faster? Active reflection.  No, I’m not talking about lighting a […]

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How End-of-Year Reflections Help You Find Focus and Clarity in the New Year

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When you first started your business, it probably felt like you were taking on the world by yourself. Most of us start as a one-person show, and there’s so much we can get done in this phase. We have the energy, the curiosity, the time… and things can start to grow quickly. In this phase […]


The Shift From Solopreneur to CEO: What’s Needed?

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If you want long-term business success, you need systems and routines. Here are 20 business habits to incorporate into your routine.

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20 Business Habits to Start Incorporating Into Your Routine

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Chances are, you launched your service-based business as a sole operation—handling everything thrown your way with your own two hands: As a stellar service provider, you’ll eventually reach a point in your business where you have a full client load, but your own business will start falling into second place. You’ll start thinking about hiring […]

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3 Major Pros & Cons to Hiring a Team of Contractors

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In what feels like ages ago, I led a corporate life. Meetings, cubicles, blackberries (the smartphone kind, not the fruity kind), stifling tan walls, repetitive processes… The 9-to-5 can get a lot of flak (especially online, where you’ll find oodles of articles from creatives who naturally shudder at being so boxed in), but it wasn’t […]

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How Using Your Strengths Can Help You Delegate

Discover the real reason why you feel so overwhelmed in your business with my free workbook.

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