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The Simple Six: Strategic Launches for Your Small Business When I entered the online small business and entrepreneurship space, I realized something: Most people who start an online business didn’t go to business school, let alone get their MBA. Some had never worked in a corporate setting, and definitely never used traditional project management frameworks […]


The Simple Six for Strategic Launches

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You’re growing your business, clients or sales are coming in, you’ve got a growing list of Instagram followers and you are getting requests to go on podcasts or speak at someone’s summit. Things are going great… right? You may not know this, but all of those things I just listed are actually called “metrics.” Measurements […]

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Vanity Metrics You Probably Think Matter (But Don’t)

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As a business owner or entrepreneur, you are likely a visionary. Someone who loves coming up with new ideas and bringing new creations to life. This is what makes you a great business owner, but it can also be what stops you from ever moving the needle forward.

how to prioritize your projects and ideas


How to Prioritize Your Next Project

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