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launch consulting

You're ready to scale your business with your latest product, and you need a behind-the-scenes expert to help you make a big impact.

Together, we'll map out where you are and cut through the noise to get you on a solid path to action and results.

I'm all in!

business management

You want to grow your business, but you're held back because you still have your hands in everrrrything. 

It's time to hire a COO to get your systems (and people) in place... so you can spend more time scaling up and being the CEO you're meant to be.

I NEED you!

strategic planning

You're building an online empire... podcasts, YouTube channels, courses, funnels, masterminds, retreats.

Let's talk about the long-term strategy and plan the next steps for your brand and business, together.

yes, please!

it's time to ditch the formulas and get strategic

meet nicole

My biggest mission in life is to live sustainably—in business, this means pursuing operational excellence and reducing waste so you can get more done, in less time, with fewer errors.

You CAN live that life you’ve been dreaming of and better systems will help you get there.

I love the business side of business—strategy, spreadsheets, and systems, oh my!

My clients spend their days dreaming up new ways to grow their businesses... and I help them turn that vision into reality as their COO (Chief Operating Officer).

your strategic growth partner

howdy, I'm Nicole!

quiz time

what do we have in common?


what's your favorite holiday?



Valentine's day

My favorite holiday is...

valentine's day

I'm not a big fan of chocolate or the color pink, but Valentine's is my birthday so I've always tried to celebrate it in a fun way, even when flying solo!

what's your drink of choice?




My drink of choice is...


It's always tea time here. Hot, iced, black, white... organizing them all in our cupboards is such a headache. 🤯

my bucket list includes...

writing a book!

I currently have an outline in the works. I had booked a retreat to get to writing just before COVID-19 shut everything down.

— b is for bonnie design

"Nicole guides you through a streamlined process that is designed to help you reach your goals with clarity and ease!"