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No formulas.

Just profitable, productive strategies designed to help you stop chasing shiny objects so you can get strategic and intentional with your business.

Because nobody knows your business like you do.

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No gimmicks.

No quick band-aids.


for women like you—who want to build a business that is uniquely yours.

We just want to help you run it better.

inside THE your best business mastermind:


Stop flying solo! Connect and collaborate with other women to brainstorm, celebrate, and problem-solve together.

two Group coaching calls each month

Talk through the roadblocks you're facing, share upcoming opportunities and gain clarity, direction, and get help creating a plan to put it all together.

three quarterly planning sessions a year

We'll work with you to set goals and tasks for the upcoming quarter, creating an action plan that will help you stay focused and achieve success.

vip invitations to workshops & events

Get early and priority access to in-depth support that address specific challenges in your business... including our annual in-person event and private coaching sessions. 

ACCESS TO yOUR best business LIBRARY

Get a library full of operations and management tools that can help you run your business in a better, scalable way — the same ones we use with our own clients who have made multi-million dollars in sales!


Discover what’s working in the industry right now with guest speakers, six-figure case studies from our brands and clients, and behind-the-scenes process breakdowns.

and more!

build a business that serves YOU and your people

Leadership & Management

​Coaching & Support

​Action & Accountability

​Data-Driven Profit & Productivity Tools

Join today and start making consistent progress toward the vision you hold for your business — without getting derailed by “Should’s” and “Have to’s.”

With the right tools, and the right coaching, you’ll gain the focus and clarity you’re craving at a fraction of the investment it costs to hire 1:1 help.

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We help small business owners understand what it takes to build a business with longevity and impact. 

Hi, we're Yasmine and Nicole!

Nice to meet you, we're Yasmine and Nicole!

We are Yasmine Kashefi Spencer & Nicole Boucher, business strategists and operations managers, with over 20 years of combined experience. We help other women business owners identify the best-fit strategies that help them scale their business past “surviving” and into “thriving.”

We’re here to help you strategize and find solutions that turn your big vision into a reality — with simple strategies, strategic action, efficient systems, and successful teams.

We can’t wait to show you how to buid a business that’s uniquely yours.

What you can expect from us


We break down big business strategies into tools every business owner can implement, no matter their size or goals. 

You’ll get access to two experienced business strategies, right there in your back pocket, to help you gut-check ideas and give pointers for picking up forward momentum whenever you feel stuck. We also help you create space for letting those big ideas come to the surface — instead of forcing you to bring half-baked ideas to the world in a one-size-fits-all container.

We want every small business owner to be equipped with the tools needed to run a business they way they want. We also want you to have a profitable business that brings more of what you have to offer into the world, whatever your secret sauce may be.

We're not just showing you how to make small business magic…we're showing you how to tap into your own.


You’re making stable revenue, but you can’t seem to find a path to the next threshold without a significant time or money investment.

​You’re doing everything yourself and you want to be more efficient and focused with your time.

​You’re a digital product seller ready to scale up with product profitability, customer retention, and operational excellence in mind.

​You’re a service-provider who supports multiple clients and you need tricks and tools for managing all of those notifications and projects.

​You’re tired of your business running you, and you want more balance in your life.

​Gurus gross you out, and you’re so over all the “make 6 figures by doing this one thing!” marketing sleaze.

​You need help eliminating the competing demands and distractions that interrupt your focus and pull your attention away from what you should be working on.

You don’t like to #DoTheWork. We may be anti-hustle, but we know the CEOs who get results are the ones putting in the time.

​This is the 7th educational or coaching investment you’ve made this year and you haven’t implemented any of the others yet. (Come back to us after you do!)

​You believe emailing a promotion to your list every single week is the way to sales. (We’re all about the guest experience, here!)

​You’re in direct marketing or you’re a brick-and-mortar business owner. While we have some experience in these realms, we know there are other consultants who can better support your business.

Introducing the...


This growth coaching program is for women entrepreneurs who are focused on creating scalable, profitable success and becoming a better leader in their business. Brainstorming, learning, collaboration, community, feedback, and support… it’s all inside!

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get access to Your best business workshops

20 Business Habits to Start Incorporating Into Your Routine

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Growth Through Saving: Getting Honest About Business Expenses


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Empowering Your Team With Tried-and-True Customer Service Processes


The Marketing Funnel & A High-Level Welcome Email Sequence


— misty henry

"YASMINE & NICOLE guide me with wisdom, compassion, and grace.

They keep it fun and give unwavering support and excitement for taking our next right step."