You're ready to scale your business with your latest product, and you need a behind-the-scenes expert to help you make a big impact.

get clarity & focus on your next launch or offer

1:1 consulting

You're overwhelmed by all of the possibilities swimming in your head. You'd love to get some feedback on your offer before your official launch... but you don't have the time to join a mastermind or the need for a long-term coach with a long-term contract.

so let's get it done, partner!

You're dying to finish that project that's been on your To-Do list for frickin' ever

You need someone to bounce ideas off of. Someone with the experience of helping over 100 client launches with strategy, tech, marketing, content, and execution. Together, we'll map out where you are and cut through the noise to get you on a solid path to action and results.

you need help with this project right now.

And here's where your resident Phone-an-Ops-Pro comes in. 😉


— nicole y.

"Nicole is a magician. Nothing slips through the cracks with her and she WILL hold you accountable."

until now, these consulting sessions were only available to past clients

You're sick of dreaming about your next project and need some encouragement and direction in taking action.

You can see and taste the end product but need a liiiiitle bit of guidance with how to make sure your product goes live without any scary customer experience hiccups.

The phrase "launch plan" scares the boggarts out of you (but you know you need to make one).

You're excited (and a bit throw-up-in-your-mouth nervous) for this business move... but ready to turn it into momentum.

Working hard has you exhausted and you know an expert can show you a strategic and scalable way to get from here to there without burnout.

Getting started is the easy part, but getting to the finish line is easier with accountability.

this session is a must-do if...

You have a solid picture of what your product is, but you're not 100% sure how to make it happen or deliver it to your customers, technically speaking.

Your product is strong, but you're questioning the price and presentation. How the heck do you position this offer for optimal sales? 

You need help figuring out the promotional side of the launch. How many emails are too many? Is social media dead? Do you need a webinar?!

You have an idea of what you need to do but don't know the steps to take next or, worse, that you're missing a critical step along the way.

a few ways that I can help:

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Confident and ready to take action on your next step to scaling your business!

how you'll feel:

A 90-minute personalized consultation session

A 15-minute "tea time" to discuss your project before our consultation session

A workbook to evaluate the current state of your business

BONUS 4 weeks of accountability check-ins (via Voxer)

the details:

what you'll get:

The current state of your business

Your typical audience (and their pain points)

Marketing, sales, and revenue history

Important details about your latest offer

this workbook covers:

10-page workbook

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— bonnie B.

"Nicole made what initially felt like such a daunting project feel effortless and enjoyable! "