you're leading a successful

online business

And you didn't get there by coasting to the finish line. You worked hard... but now it's time to cash in on that promise to yourself to not work so damn much.

let's help you keep that promise

Even worse, you're starting to feel like a serious bottleneck to your future success.

There just aren't enough hours in the day to:

Your COO/OBM is your second-in-command... a right-hand business partner to support you in making strategic decisions and (best of all) carrying them out with the team.  

Create that future vision of your company

Lead your team of self-employed contractors

Create your newest (already-announced) product

Attract newer audiences with paid ads and videos

Write that book you've been dreaming of

and — oh yeah — eat, sleep, and spend time with family.

...not more than ever before!

you need an operations & business manager

get started

you thought once you hit a certain milestone, you'd be working less...

You still feel like something's missing. Not to mention, it's so much work to manage all the incoming ideas and demands. How is it that you have more hands on deck but it feels like less is getting done than ever before?

you've tried hiring virtual assistants and business coaches but...

Signs you're ready for an COO/OBM & strategic growth partner

that you're constantly holding big projects back because the entire team needs your input, feedback, and delegation to move forward?

do you find...

constantly playing catch up on your to do list feeling like you never get "enough" done?

are you...

to grow your business without it taking over your life? To have some true balance between work and life for a change?

do you want...



Interested in getting started? Here's my process

step one

It's time for a bit of a business refresh. To reset your priorities, evaluate the direction of your business, and align your projects to your goals.

During this call, we'll dig in and talk strategically about how your business is running, what your challenges and opportunities are, and the direction you're looking to steer your business.

deep dive

step two

After we discuss, where you are, where you're going, and your biggest struggles and opportunities, it's time for the brainstorming session.

This is where we'll get into the future state of the business—from product scope and primary marketing channels to team members and operations. If money were no object, what would your business look like?


step three

After our brainstorming session, I'll take all of the ideas and feedback from our sessions together to create a Strategic Road Map for you that outlines the future state of the business, the current status, and a high-level overview of the projects needed to close the gap between the two.

road map

number of happy clients


highest degree earned


2023 clients' gross revenue

$3.5+ mil

cups of tea per day


systems& strategy audit


Have an understanding of where you are now, where you're going, and an actionable roadmap with projects and deadlines to get you there.

after our time together, you'll:

let's talk

Only 2 offered per quarter. Secure your spot ASAP.


business & project management


You're way too busy and you need someone to help you manage and execute your next launch, funnel, nurture strategy, membership, and more. 

why you need this:

book a call

Typical project quote. Quotes can vary from $500 – $2500+ based on the type of project, duration, and scope.


30-Day Check-in

 Strategic Road Map

Brainstorming Session

Deep Dive Session

Leading Your Team Through Execution

Supporting Implementation

Creating Goals & Project Plans

Marketing & Product Development Strategy

Sometimes all you need to move forward is some feedback and direction. A 1:1 consultation session might be exactly what you're looking for.

need advice, right now?

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— nicole y.

"Nicole is a magician. Nothing slips through the cracks with her and she WILL hold you accountable."