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More Choices = Fewer Sales

Feb 12, 2019

Have you ever walked away from a purchase because there were just too many options in front of you?

A few weeks ago, I found myself standing in front of a display of dozens of winter gloves. I desperately needed a pair that could keep my hands warm and dry. (Snowblowing the driveway in the rain is no joke, friends.)

Despite the wide variety of choices in front of me, I just couldn’t decide on a pair. And question after question started flying into my head…

  • Do I need the “cold”, “colder”, or “coldest” gloves?
  • Should I choose based on fit (men’s mediums felt better) or style (the women’s were a better match for my outerwear)?
  • Will any of these brands even last for more than one season?

I came into the store wanting something specific… but I walked away, quite literally, empty-handed.

Simply put, I left the store with more questions than I’d had when I entered.

And that’s a dangerous position to put your customers.

Not only does it give them infinitely more reasons to convince themselves not to buy… but it also leaves them confused and uneasy.

Would you return to a service provider who left you feeling uneasy?

Probably not.

So my advice to you today is this—STOP giving your audience so many options!

Remove the overwhelm and make it as EASY as possible for your customers to select the option for them and close the sale.



Tip: Send your product description page or sales page to a friend. Chances are they’ll have at least one good piece of feedback you can incorporate to make your offer more clear for your audience!

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