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Why You Should Prepare Your Business for Black Friday Now

Sep 27, 2022

Three things are inevitable in life: death, taxes, and Black Friday.

Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic. Still, as an online business owner, you probably already know that Black Friday is a pretty big deal. 

It can be tempting to arrange a limited-time discount, plan to make a social media post, and then sit back and wait for the Black Friday sales to roll in. But here’s the thing: on Black Friday, EVERY business is vying to get shoppers’ attention. That’s a lot of noise, a lot of sales, and only 24 hours in the day. 

Even if you’re not in a particularly competitive niche, Black Friday is a perfect time for your business to get noticed. So how are you planning now to host a Black Friday sale that actually helps you grow your revenue and your reach?

Let’s give them something to talk about.

(Great, now that song is going to be in my head.)

I know it somehow still feels like 2020, but Black Friday 2022 is (somehow) just around the corner. To make the most of it, you want to start your action plan NOW and get the hype started! Here are just five of the Black Friday elements you should get started on today.

Your social posts

If you’ve ever checked Facebook on Black Friday, then you know that everyone’s feeds will be dominated by Black Friday sales and discounts. 

I’m not saying to not participate in that. (If you can’t beat em’, join em!) However, one way to make your Black Friday promo stand out is to get ahead of the pack. 

Start your Black Friday promo early on your social media. Like, several weeks early, if possible! Start planting the seeds of interest in your audience’s minds with fun, compelling content. This helps build anticipation, and if you can get them excited with your countdown, your customers will seek you out specifically when Black Friday comes around. 

And of course, don’t forget to create some awesome posts for the day of, too. Having them done already makes posting on Black Friday a breeze, giving you time to focus on other things when the day gets hectic. 

Your emails

Black Friday often brings customers who are brand new to your brand, so make sure your first impression is a good one by perfecting your email strategy ahead of time. 

Customers who make a purchase (especially those who are new to your subscriber list) may get a warm welcoming email to tell them who they are and why they should stick around. Returning customers may receive an email after their Black Friday purchase thanking them for being part of your community. 

Emails are a great way to open up that relationship, whether you want to offer future discounts, invite them to other social media channels, or more! Do yourself a favor and set these up ahead of time. That gives you tons of time to revise and tweak them until you’re 100% happy with the results. 

Your graphics, videos, and Reels

Set aside some time specifically dedicated to creating your Black Friday graphics, videos, and even Reels (or TikToks if you’re advanced)! You can carve out time in your schedule specifically to brainstorm, seek input from your team, arrange the equipment, and create/film them as needed. 

Come Black Friday, your stress levels will be way lower if you can just set them up in your social media software ahead of time and have them post automatically. These may require more time and mental energy than you anticipate, so starting earlier is always a good idea. 

Your back-end integrations 

I know, I know: the back-end stuff isn’t always as glamorous. Still, it’s really important. Make sure everything is set up behind-the-scenes in your shop regarding coupon codes, sale settings, and tracking. The more errors you catch now, the less you will have to deal with when Black Friday comes around.

Your affiliate program 

Don’t forget your affiliates! Your affiliates are some of your best hype-makers before Black Friday. Try to set up their resources ahead of time so they can just plug and play. Whether that’s email templates, graphics, swipe copy, or just updating contact information, your affiliates can bring that special something to your Black Friday promo. 

Now is the time to get started!

Doing all of this may seem like overkill, but trust me: it’s not. Testing is SO important! By getting all of this stuff out of the way, you can then use the time between now and Black Friday to review, review, review. Read your sales page, product descriptions, onboarding emails, automations: I’m talking EVERYTHING. The last thing you want to do is catch a spelling error on the big day!

And of course, don’t be afraid to use any and all tools available to you — including project management support. 

If you’re busy with the hustle and bustle of fall and need someone to help you manage and execute your Black Friday funnels, strategies, and final launches, I’ve got 1 spot left to help you prepare in adequate time.

During each session, we’ll cover: 

  • How to create a project plan for your Black Friday launch
  • How to lead your team through Black Friday launch execution
  • How to implement your sales strategies and content
  • How to create a marketing and product development strategy best suited for your business and its launch

Book a call here and see how Black Friday can become one of the best days of the year for your business!

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