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Finding Business Strategies for Real Growth Inside the Your Best Business Mastermind

Mar 21, 2023

You’re working hard on your business, day in and day out. You’re doing everything possible to nurture it to the level of growth. You’re doing all the things coaches and experts have said to do. You’re wearing all the hats and putting in all the hours.

Still, you can help but feel something is off. You know this type of “hustle” isn’t a sustainable way to grow your business, but you aren’t sure what more you can do. 

If this sounds familiar, then I want to introduce you to the Your Best Business Mastermind, a business mastermind program to help you find business strategies for real growth — that fit you and your business.

Get a business coach in your back pocket

How many strategies have you learned and tried to implement into your business? For most of our clients and program members, that number is easily in the dozens. While some of them have helped, many more do not — and it’s frustrating. You’re told these strategies “work for others,” so you’re just not doing them right. 

But that’s not true. Those cookie-cutter strategies aren’t designed to be helpful to everyone. And they certainly don’t consider the unique challenges your business faces. 

It’s hard to sort through the noise when many “gurus” or coaches constantly offer advice that doesn’t work. It can begin to feel like nothing can help…like your business is doomed to stay stuck. 

Instead of cookie-cutter strategies, what you need is someone who knows how to help you find the right approach. You need someone to get to know your business, dig deeper with you, and help you uncover the best strategies for you.

The best part is you have access to not one, but TWO coaches in this program. Where I tackle all of your burning operations and customer experience questions, my friend Yasmine Kashefi-Spencer specializes in digital marketing and product-based business strategies.

And that’s why inside the Your Best Business Mastermind, we will help you:

  • Create systems that make sense to you
  • Build a team that reflects your culture
  • Hone in on your offers
  • Find ways to scale and grow (that don’t feel gross)
  • Make space to brainstorm and plan

Basically, you’re getting access to two people who have years of experience helping business owners find something that works for them — instead of just telling them what do. Inside the Your Best Business Mastermind, it’s not about teaching your formulas or passing off frameworks that may or may not work for your business.

Instead, we use our years of experience and expertise to ask you deeper questions so you can find the next right step for your business. No more chasing the shiniest object in the room, because you’ll finally have a plan and know what’s right for your business.

What you can expect inside the Your Best Business Mastermind

Wondering what you’ll get inside this monthly coaching group? Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Two group coaching calls per month — one with Yasmine, one with me, so you can get advice about your business as a whole, from operations and customer service to marketing and product development 
  • Three quarterly planning sessions, each lasting a total of three hours, to help you create a solid business plan for the next 12 weeks
  • A private community of other business owners in the same position as you to help you talk through ideas and lean on when the going gets tough
  • Access to the Your Best Business library of workshops and tools to help you run your business in a better, scalable way
  • First dibs and VIP invitations to other events and programs, like 1:1 coaching or our in-person retreat at Disney World

All of this for just $97 a month.

With this kind of monthly support, you could finally find confidence and clarity with your offers because you have someone to help you gut-check your ideas.

You can get the motivation and support you need when you feel stuck, so you’re always moving in the right direction instead of constantly second-guessing yourself.

And you can get strategic and intentional with your business so you can start scaling it to support all your long-term goals, whatever those may be. 

How we’ll help you grow your business your way

With the Your Best Business Mastermind, you’re not spending more money just to get the same repetitive advice you could find while scrolling through Instagram. We want to break things down in a way that feels doable in the here and now, and manageable in the long term. 

No matter your goal, no matter the size of your business, and no matter how long you’ve been trying to grow, we’ll help you break it all down into tools you can easily implement. You’ll find yourself excited to use the strategies you uncover here, because they bring you the clarity you’ve been searching for all along.  

If you’re looking to streamline your efficiency, ready to eliminate distractions and business practices that no longer serve you, all in an affordable and personal way, come join us inside!

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