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3 Mistakes to Avoid During Launches

Mar 1, 2022

If every launch was a raging success, we’d all be millionaires by now. Realistically, though, not everything you produce will strike gold — but that’s okay. It’s how we get better at what we do and how we get closer to that offer and launch formula that really hits the nail on the head.

But if someone were to present you with a foolproof list to help you avoid some of the most common launch mistakes, you’d be crazy not to take it, right?! 

This post is all about how to avoid some common but huge mishaps during your next launch.

Forgetting your strategy 

As fun as it sounds to be spontaneous, you can’t just dive headfirst into a launch. You have to ensure you’ve got the right resources — time, money, energy, team, etc. — allocated correctly to see your launch plan through. This is part of creating a launch strategy.

Generally, launch strategy entails:

  • Outlining your offer (what’s in it, when it launches, how much it costs, etc.)
  • Deciding on your pre-launch event (webinar, challenge, ads, etc.)
  • Creating a promotion plan (social, email, ads, podcast appearances, etc.)
  • Setting up automations (checkout and thank you pages, confirmation emails, email sequences, etc.)

It’s never just “I decided to launch a thing!” although that would be nice, wouldn’t it?

At the end of the day, you need a launch strategy. Without a launch strategy, you won’t be able to execute well on a first launch or see what you can improve on your next launch.

A lack of strategy can also leave customers confused. If you don’t know how to funnel them correctly during a launch, how will they know where to go? In an age where attention spans are short, every second counts, so don’t let it get wasted on confusion. 

Updating your website too close to launch

Entrepreneurs love to take action quickly, but changing up your website right before a launch can be a total disaster. Why? Because it’s often done without considering the backend work, like proper linking and reconnecting automations. 

Whether you want to change the design, the platform, or restructure your pages, plan to do this before or after your launch. What the worst that can happen? Well…

  • Broken links can keep click-through rates (CTRs) low and block customers from purchasing
  • Invalid URLs can prevent people from checking out or viewing content that builds trust
  • Confusing and unorganized information can make your customers want to run in the opposite direction
  • Accidentally deleting important information like lines of texts, links, and entire pages can make your pages/website seem half-finished (because it is)
  • Website content can become unsearchable and therefore inaccessible
  • Failed checkouts because you changed processors without testing during a small sale means losing money *and* time trying to fix errors that, frankly, go over your head a bit

I get it! You want to get it done fast. That’s why you’re an entrepreneur — acting fast is often a strength.

But do yourself a favor and take a breather before making any big moves. You can still hit the ground running if you have a game plan. Consider all that goes along with simple changes to your website and work that into your launch strategy ahead of going live. 

I’d also recommend that you consult with a web designer if you need to. They’re experts at getting the job done for you, so you can put your CEO hat back on. 

Unclear affiliate terms

Affiliates are a great way to promote your product or course. Not only do they get the word out, but they connect you with your target audience and help form a connection based on trust. Social proof really does work.

Of course, you’ll need to pay affiliates, so make sure you have a solid payment plan in place. 

I’ve seen this go south before. When it came time to pay affiliates for their wonderful work promoting one of my clients’ offers, I noticed things weren’t adding up on the backside. After extensively looking into the issue, we found out the system was quite vague, where guidelines should have been crystal clear. 

The affiliates still needed to be paid what they were promised, so we had to pay double for many. Oops!

Mistakes like this happen, but you can prevent it by making sure terms are clear and budgets are set. You can apply this to things like Facebook ads, too, making sure you have clear limits and budgets set.

Want to make this your best launch yet?

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